April 29, 2017

peaceful arab world

peaceful arab world main poster design momenarts

According to the current situation in the Arab world I decided to design this poster , its a dream and a hope to live in peace

Breakfast in Lebanon and dinner in Syria or Palestine ,,, take a journey to visit our countries without any difficulties , no wars no visas … etc

Its so hard to write my expression but its clear in the design ,, one day we will have a peaceful arab world ,

I’m thinking to design this idea for the world map to be { peaceful world } ,, I’m waiting your comments and massages .

Used Photos

peaceful arab world bedroom wall frame poster momenarts
peaceful arab world photosused
peaceful arab world minimalist poster in living room momenarts
peaceful arab world poster design momenarts

You can buy the poster from here "worldwide shipping "

Mockup Fbc58425.jpg

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