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Who am I ?

momen almasharka

Mo'men AL-Masharka

Freelancer Graphic Designer ​

Jordanian of Palestinian origins.

Born in Aug 31 1987

I live in Jordan in Irbid city .
BA Of Graphic Design from Irbid national university

I  love creatives , creativity and arts , whether its  2D or 3D graphics.

 , I also love to listen to Amr Diab, Fairouz and Yanni’s music .

 Amr Diab for sure  is my favorite singer,his music  inspire me .

A winner of a competition posters “No to Drugs” from the Jordanian Public Security (for students). 2010

I always love to mix between the arabic and English characters and trying to be different and  to leave my fingerprint in this career.

Member of jury committee for graphic design graduation projects at Yarmouk University on May 2016

What I Do ?

I'm graphic designer, designing logos , corporate Idenitty , making branding ,

poster design typography poster , photo manipulation , 

How I Do It ?

look there is a huge difference  between the designer and the executor ,

some people only know the tools of graphic programs and execute what you want .

Someone like me thinking a lot to find the suitable idea and how it will be designed to be real  , transiting my ideas into graphics , and sometimes the clients share with me some ideas so we work on it as a team  to develop it to get what we want .

also sometimes I start the project by some sketches . 

I'm independent artist and I love what I do ,, this is my passion .

What's Next ?

I want to make at least one successful logo in every country in the world .

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