April 4, 2017

Creative Designers Union

cdu logo



change his colors that's make it a symbol for arts and creativity i designed the inside shapes to be also symbol for designers in different majors united in one place Creative Designers Union.

creative designers union 03

Design Structure

creative designers union 06
creative designers union 13

Logo Variations

creative designers union 17

Logo Colors

creative designers union 09


creative designers union 20
cdu  logo art equipments
cdu sketchbook
cdu art equipments
cdu  logo art equipments
cdc logo printed
cdu business card black and white
cdu business card2
cdu imac desktop workspace
cdu imac desktop workspace website
cduipad iphone
cduyoung woman with white iphone
cdu business card
cdu branding identity

Only 3 colors in the main logo ,, but it much flexible and easily to use in branding with many background colors its chameleon

cdu logo with colorful bg

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