April 9, 2022

My Personal Logo Design And Brand Visual

My name in Arabic is مؤمن and in English it is MOMEN. My old logo was only read in Arabic, so none Arab readers couldn't read any item from it except the website name , I love my logo to be in Arabic as it is my mother tongue for I am an Arab of course, but I decided to make a simple mix with English by making the last letter in my name ن noon which is in English N mixed with letter M. That gives a kind of strange shape which looks like a human being because its a personal logo. So for some extent, I kept its typography design. 

momenarts logo on white background
momenarts logo construction
momenarts logo font used
momenarts logo vertations
momenarts color used
momenarts pattern

The pattern is inspired from the Palestinian scarf since my roots are from Palestine .

palestinian keffiyeh posters
momenarts a4 letterhead design corporate identity
momenarts business card design corporate identity
momenarts corporate identity

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