July 12, 2013

momenarts.com {identity}

momenarts arabic typography logo

Logo Inspiration

My name in Arabic مؤمن

in English Mo’men

Becouse I’m typography lover i designed my personal logo to be in Arabic typography

Its readable in Arabic and every one can read my website name in English momenarts.com

So i use it to express about my self as a graphic designer.

Logo Variations

momenarts logo design variations
momenarts branding
momenarts business card printed design
momenarts printed letterhead
momenarts logo stamp
momenarts businesscards
momenarts business card office
momenarts laptop
momenarts logo silver stamping

Kindly click on next photo to see momenarts brand on my own Store

there are a lot of available Products .

momenarts -Tote bag-black-and-white

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