alshohrah movie

  Amr Diab the international singer made 3 movies in his life the last one was in 1993 with Omar AL sharif and Yousra. R

kol am wantoum bkhir

  كل عام وانتم بخير kol am wantoum bkhir arabic typography design which means many happy returns I design

Typography quote for Mahmmoud Darwish

  سأصير يوما ماأريد One day I will be what I want -quote  for Mahmmoud Darwish Typography designed in ado

RC Yanbu / Ramadan Kareem and Happy Eid

Royal Commission For Yanbu Arabic typography design for Ramadan Kareem banner and Happy Eid banner Happy Eid – Banner Th

An inspiration moment

An inspiration moment its a poster design have a deep philosophy i use it as a brand image for myself . www.momenarts.com