October 15, 2017

alshohrah movie

amr diab new movie poster fan made landscape momenarts

Amr Diab the international singer made 3 movies in his life,

the last one was in 1993 with Omar AL sharif and Yousra.

Recently ,he announced that he will get back to cinema and prepare for new movie , it will be released in summer 2018 .

until now the movie's name is " alshohrah "

which means " the fame ".

Because I'm one of his fans and I love to see his movies ,so I designed this poster.

songs composers : Sherif Tag , Mohamed Rahim , Tamer Ali , Islam Zaki , Amr Diab ,Omar Khairat

story by Tamer Habib directed by Tarek Alarian

Synergy production / Tamer Moursi

its not the official poster its "fan made" .

the fame movie amrdiab momenarts
alshohrah amrdiab poster momenarts
street billboard amrdiab movie alshohrah momenarts
billboard alshohrah movie momenarts
outdoor building advertising billboard amrdiab movie alshohrah momenarts

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