photoshop _manipulation

alshohrah movie

Amr Diab the international singer made 3 movies in his life the last one was in 1993 with Omar AL sharif and Yousra. Recently ,he announced that he will get back to cinema and prepare for new movie , it will be released in summer 2018 . until now the movie’s name is ” alshohrah ” which …

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peaceful arab world

  According to the current situation in the Arab world I decided to design this poster , its a dream and a hope to live in peace Breakfast in Lebanon and dinner in Syria or Palestine ,,, take a journey to visit our countries without any difficulties , no wars no visas  … etc Its so hard to write …

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An inspiration moment

An inspiration moment its a poster design have a deep philosophy i use it as a brand image for myself .

Mais Shalash

Mais Shalash Palestinian singer,” freedom voice” indeed her voice is amazing. Designed in 2012

I Love Photography

I Love Photography “When you love Photography,You will like to photograph every thing and photograph your self when you take a photo”

The Grudge 1 poster

The Grudge 1 “Movie Poster” One of my designs in UMFF Contest 2011 Art Design Competition of the 10th Urban Mediamakers Film Festival, October