peaceful arab world

  According to the current situation in the Arab world I decided to design this poster , its a dream and a hope to live 

Adoration Road

Adoration Road Romantic photoshop manipulation. Photo stock used  

An inspiration moment

An inspiration moment its a poster design have a deep philosophy i use it as a brand image for myself .

There is no might nor power except with Allaah

La hawl wala qowatah ela bellah = There is no might nor power except with Allaah { Poster } its mixed between arabic and engl

Sobhan Allah

Sobhan Allah {Poster} its mixed between arabic and english words which means : Glory  and Praise is for Allah Allah is free f


photo used

Arts lover


This is also GAZA

My design for poster contest “THIS IS also GAZA”

Mais Shalash

Mais Shalash Palestinian singer,” freedom voice” indeed her voice is amazing. Designed in 2012

Palestine My Home

Arabic Typography  ” barb wire / Adobe Photoshop Palestine my home which i’ve never seen before Photo used ,, pho